What is Windows Lite. Is this the end of Windows 10?

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Now, almost everything has the Light version. The drinks are light, the smartphones are lite, the applications are also lite The fashion and trend has been created not only for cheaper and more accessible versions of products and services, but most importantly … lighter. Light versions of Messenger and Facebook are very popular. Light versions of flagship phones are also very popular. Currently, there are even tests of a light version of the popular PUBG game, so that more people can play it (even if they do not have a strong computer).

And in all this, there was also Microsoft, which until now probably does not offer anything that could be described as Lite. The only exceptions are the Xbox One S and One X consoles, but this is a slightly different situation. A real, cheap version of the Xbox will appear with the announced version without an optical drive.

Well, but Microsoft also has an idea how to slim down your Windows 10 operating system – it will be Windows Lite. The system is in theory competing with Chrome OS. It will be an extremely light system, cut off from many unnecessary elements. The priority here will be stable and smooth work. Recently, it turned out that one of these unnecessary elements can be … tiles in the Start menu.

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Microsoft introduced them together with Windows 8 and they were to be a real revolution. However, the giant, as it is customary, slightly exaggerated, got rid of the Start menu and thus brought a storm of negative criticism. Well, but consistency is the most important thing! That’s why the hated tiles remained even though Windows 10 classic Start menu returned to its place.

The giant could not throw them away. Tiles were a key element of Windows 10 Mobile. Now, after the death of mobile windows, Microsoft theoretically has no reason to leave the tiles. And it is very possible that we will not see them soon. The first place from which they will be removed may be Windows Lite.

Well, it’s very possible that their days in full Windows 10 are also counted. One small detail can prove it. In the test version of Windows 10 19H1 it was noticed that after installing a new application from the Microsoft store, the ‘Pin to Start menu’ button is missing. You can only run the application from the notification level.

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Where does this change come from? It’s hard to say, but it makes you think. Of course, it is not known whether this is the case and whether this button will not return to its place. After all, this is just a test version of Windows 10. It’s possible that Microsoft noticed that no one uses tiles and it makes no sense to keep them alive. Perhaps he has in mind the fact that there is a great migration of users slowly dying Windows 7, who do not know tiles.

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