This is the Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium. Displays and installer leaked to the network.

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The fact that Microsoft plans to restructure its own browser has been known for a long time. The company’s proprietary engine, however, did not cope with consumer expectations and the company was forced to use the competitive Chromium platform. In early March, we received a handful of screen shots from a very earlier version of the new project – they presented a program very similar to Google Chrome. Now Microsoft decided to add to it his accents, which we can admire on new graphics.

Of course, the photos are not official – access to them was obtained (from anonymous source) by editors of The Verge. It’s worth starting with what awaits us after the first launch of the new Microsoft Edge. The program will offer you the option of importing bookmarks, passwords and browsing history from Google Chrome or an earlier version of Edge.

Most of the browser interface is of course a combination of Chrome and Edge, but Microsoft has decided to introduce here and there its own distinctive visual touches. The early version also includes the option of reading a given page aloud from the previous edition of the service. However, we do not see a dark motive yet, but the final product will surely have it.

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Microsoft Store / Google Store
Microsoft Store / Google Store

One of the most important aspects is support for extensions and creation of a dedicated page dedicated to various plugins. Interestingly, it will be possible to install the default extensions created for Chrome from the Google store. In the later version, the option of synchronizing plugins from previously used browsers will also debut.

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