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The smartphone has a shorter battery life? Check Google Play Services

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Google Play services is a regularly updating Android application, the existence of which remains virtually unnoticed by most users. The tool is responsible for the smooth operation of services in the background, faster GPS performance, push notifications, as well as several other useful things. Unfortunately, the latest update has apparently not been well developed.

Google services in the version numbered 18.3.82 have a negative impact on the battery life of smartphones. The fault applies to all Android smartphones and its operation is felt. Over the past few days, many opinions of Google system users have appeared on the web, who have noticed a significant reduction in the working time of their devices – even when they are unused.

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To check how much battery usage your Google Services generate for you, go to the options related to the battery and its consumption. You will go there by going to the Settings menu, then clicking Battery and selecting Energy consumption details. If you find Google Play Services in the Software tab, it means that you have received the most comprehensive software.

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Google is probably already aware of the bug and is certainly preparing an update. Until it becomes available, you can restore any of the older versions of Google Play Services by downloading them, for example, from the popular APK Mirror page. You can also use the Beta version of the application by signing up for the Google test program.

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