Opera – How to speed up the performance of one of the most popular browsers?

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A slow internet connection and websites full of extras can cause frustration in even the most patient people. However, there are ways to improve the comfort of working with browsers.

The default settings of browsers are prepared so that they work as stable as possible on as many devices as possible. This does not mean, however, that they can not work faster. All popular browsers have more or less hidden features that allow – although theoretically – to increase their performance. In this text, we’ll show you how to speed up Opera browser.

Opera – How to speed up?

Turbo mode

Turbo mode in the Opera browser is the easiest way to speed up this browser. This option is disabled by default, but you can easily find it in the browser’s advanced settings:

The Opera Turbo feature compresses data during browsing, reducing the load on the data transfer link. It also speeds up browsing for slow links, or when more users use one network. Turbo mode also allows you to reduce the amount of transfer used, which may be important for people using the Internet with transfer limits.

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Advanced functions – Flags

Opera, like most browsers, has highly developed experimental options, called Flags. You can access them by entering the formula “opera: flags” in the browser toolbar and pressing Enter. Then our eyes will see a window with a long list of options:

It is worth bearing in mind that these options are still under development and testing. Some of them may therefore cause browser problems for some users. It is worth to test them individually, and in the event of any irregularities, simply disable the last launched Flag.

Below are some of the most interesting experimental options that should speed up internet browsing.

Simple Cache for HTTP

setting this option to enabled will enable the storage of http details in a simplified form. In practice, this will speed up the loading of pages based on this protocol.

Change this setting to Enabled

Number of raster threads

This option allows you to increase the number of threads displaying raster graphics, which are responsible for loading graphics while browsing the web. Setting the maximum value (currently it is 4), will allow the browser to load images faster, and therefore faster page loading.

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4 Threads should be the best

FontCache scaling

This option allows the browser to remember the font data used on different pages. This data is then used to load text faster on different pages using the same fonts.

Parallel downloading

With this option, you enable the browser to download multiple files at the same time. This can in practice speed up the download time using the Opera.

Enable lazy frame loading

This is an option that makes only the elements that we see loaded when browsing. So long as we do not take our site down, the information stored there will not be read by the browser. Lazy frame loading will ensure that all frames are loaded only when they are within our sight. This can significantly speed up the browsing of longer pages like web portals.

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