NordVPN on Android TV: World Cup and movies without restrictions directly on the TV

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The mass of content on the Internet is still subject to various blockades, including regional restrictions. Thanks to the NordVPN application, which was released on the Android TV platform, many TV users will be able to access blocked content directly on a Smart TV or TV set.

NordVPN provides one of the better VPN services on the market, which is praised for its speed and stability. In addition, servers located in Poland are also offered. Therefore, the application created for Android TV may be a good choice, if only because of the ongoing World Cup.

Thanks to using a VPN, we don’t have to limit ourselves to the World Cup broadcasts available in Poland. The application allows you to connect to servers that have been deployed in 62 countries. Nothing prevents you from using servers located in Great Britain.

There are other benefits to using the application. The connection becomes more secure, and we also gain more privacy. What’s more, in the case of selected services, we can gain access to more materials, including many movies and series not available in Poland.

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The application is now available for download. What’s more, you can now take advantage of the promotion for NordVPN services. When choosing a 2-year plan large discounts are available, instead of the previous $ 286.80, we will spend only $ 79.

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