Microsoft Excel will allow you to take a photo of the table and automatically import it into the program

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The giant from Redmond has finally managed to “learn” the artificial intelligence of transferring printed tables to the Microsoft Excel version of Android. The technology of transferring text scans to editable text is basically no novelty, but the tables are a bit more advanced formula.

Interestingly, the title function debuted already … in September 2018. At that time, however, it was available only to users who had the version of Office in the Insider version. Now it is finally made available to the general public as part of the February update of the Microsoft 365 service.

“Insert data from the image”, because this is what the new thing is called, will certainly appeal to people who have to deal with a lot of “paperwork” on a daily basis. Now they can easily convert printed text into an electronic version and thus save a lot of time.

For now, the feature is only present on Android devices – the release date for iOS has not yet been announced, but Microsoft plans to make it available soon.

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