Microsoft deliberately discourages the purchase of Office 2019

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In its latest advertising campaign, Microsoft deliberately discourages the purchase of the Office 2019 suite. Why? Because he prefers to promote the offered in the “Office 365” subscription model.

A company from Redmond has prepared less than a one and a half minute spot in which two twin brothers try to complete their CV by adding information about their skills. One of them uses Office 2019, the other one uses 365. Both have the Surface Pro tablet.

By using Microsoft’s cloud tools, in this case – taking the list of skills required for a given position, Office 365 allows you to complete the task faster.

Of course, it is a clear suggestion for the customer that it is better to choose this version.

A total of three such materials were recorded for each of the key applications of the package, namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There is also a special promotional page.

The reasons for the creation of the campaign are equally obvious. Software distributed in the subscription model is a constant inflow of money, as well as a definitely greater level of control; gold for the producer.

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