Intel Pentium Gold G5620 – the first Pentium clocked at 4 GHz

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Blues refresh the Pentium and Celeron lines. Information about upcoming Intel processors appeared on the Internet, including the Pentium Gold G5620, which is the first chip from this family, clocked at 4 GHz. The products can be found in the offer of several stores, thanks to which we know that they should be available for sale at the beginning of March this year.

Intel will prepare at least seven models from the Pentium and Celeron series, with the already mentioned flagship model Pentium Gold G5620 at the forefront. All units offer higher clock speeds compared to products from the older series. Unfortunately, it is not known whether the differences between them end there or maybe Intel introduced some hardware security patches in them, as in the Coffee Lake Refresh family.

The specification of processors is not surprising, because the manufacturer of course did not decide to change the configuration of the cores. Thus, we have here only dual-core systems, with the addition of the HT technique in the Pentium series. In the attached table you can check the specifications. Some information is not known at this moment or has not yet been confirmed.

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