How to delete your birthday on Facebook? It’s possible

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The last Facebook-related scandals have led users to approach privacy in a different way. They want to hide information about themselves. We advise you on how to delete your Facebook birth date.

Date of birth on Facebook does not have to be visible permanently (

Some deliberately set a wrong date – by checking in this way, who really remembers about real birthdays – others put the actual date of birth on Facebook. However, after numerous misuse of the privacy giant, they do not want to share such information. What should I do to ensure that the date of birth is not visible on Facebook?

How do I delete a birth date from Facebook?

It is not possible to completely delete your birthday. However, it is possible to change the date and, above all, make it invisible to others. How? It’s easy.

Removing birthday from Facebook

We have to click on your name in the top bar of Facebook (ie enter the “profile” tab) and then select the “information” option. There you will find the section “Contact details and basic information”. This is where the age section is located. Just click “edit” and put in “only me” in the selection window. Thanks to this, the date of birth will be invisible to other users of the portal. Alternatively, we can insert a different date.

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If we want our age to be visible, but not for everyone, use the “friends” option. We can also choose custom settings to show this information only to selected people using Facebook.

How To Make Your Facebook Completely Private

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