Consider using a VPN and take care of your online security

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More and more Internet users are aware of the dangers lurking on the internet. This is not just about viruses or Trojans we have already learned to defend against. Nowadays, the biggest threat to an Internet user is the theft or abuse of his data of special importance, e.g. logins to bank accounts or credit cards. In addition, more and more often we hear negative opinions about well-known social networks, which are very happy to analyze all the information we post on them. How to protect yourself from all this? We will try to answer in the article below.

User safety over the years

There are several ways – for most Internet users the concept of firewall or anti-virus is rather standard. Programs that protect a given computer from malware are already a permanent feature in every computer’s ‘equipment’. Along with the increase in our online activity, the threats related to this activity have changed. At present, the biggest threats that a modern internet user must watch out for are the theft of personal data and unauthorized activities. A VPN will also help us, which doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Just a moment of research and we will find a free VPN that suits you best.

Imagine this scenario: you are surprised to view your bank statement, wondering “why do I not recognize these strange transactions?” Unfortunately, the theft of credit card data is the aftermath of our increasing online activity.

Online privacy – do known companies violate our privacy?

Unfortunately, but without adequate security – we are not anonymous on the internet. Well-known social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram have developed to lengthy and reluctant read regulations for using websites (for which GSM operators were once famous), which provide creators with very high access to our activities on the Internet. An example of a high-profile case is Facebook Messenger, which eavesdrops on conversations so that you can better profile your contextual advertising. Eavesdropping life? A bit like that.

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What to do to be safe on the internet?

The most popular way is to use a VPN, i.e. a virtual private network. In simple words, it is a tunnel through which private network traffic flows between end customers via the public network. This combination protects us while surfing the internet. In this way, we can be safe about our credit card details, bank logins, or personal data, which can be used, for example, to take a loan on our ID card. The risk of phishing our data is much greater if we often use public Wi-Fi networks, which are available e.g. at airports, train stations or shopping malls. Those who do not want unauthorized persons to get into their account money should consider buying a VPN.

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Does VPN allow you to be anonymous on the internet?

Yes, thanks to it we can calmly use the internet without worrying about the fact that someone can preview us or analyze our activity without our knowledge … and consent;) One of the most valuable VPN functionalities is the ability to give the user any IP address. Internet users, e.g. from China, will be able to bypass the government censorship of the Chinese Internet. Therefore, if one of you does not have 100% confidence in government agencies, a VPN will be a good preventive measure.

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Less known benefits of using a VPN

In addition to the fact that we can take care of our security and anonymity on the network, there is also a series of additional advantages of using a VPN. Cheaper accommodation, flights and car rental. Did you know that some search engines for accommodation, flights or cars use so-called geolocation by IP address? What does this mean in practice? For example: two Internet users in different countries who visit the same website will see different content. Do you associate, e.g. websites of large corporations which, based on our IP address (which is also assigned to our location) display the appropriate language version of the page. Returning to these search engines – depending on our location, we can receive different offers. In practice, people from a given country from which a flight, accommodation or car rental offer comes from will receive more favorable offers than foreigners and tourists. Therefore, you should consider using a VPN when planning your next vacation.


The Internet has changed a lot since the static web pages viewed using early versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape. This is no longer an activity after hours, but most of the time during the day the internet is always with us. It is worth remembering that along with the development of a given technology, threats also develop.

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