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Best Anti-Virus 2019 – Top 10 antivirus

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Check which antivirus program is worth buying in early 2019! We present 10 applications you can trust!

How to choose an antivirus program?

Antivirus software is a key element of protecting the operating system, user files and its privacy. It should shield your laptop or PC in every aspect – from protecting system files and registry against unauthorized changes, to browsing websites. As long as it is not working, the computer is vulnerable to viruses, especially ransomware that block files. This extremely dangerous threat evolves all the time and tries to bypass the security of the improved antivirus, so it is important that they too are constantly updated.

Antivirus software – in the skin: anti-viruses – are designed to detect, prevent, delete and neutralize malicious applications and programs. It is the most important element of device protection against infection, but also the user himself must remember about the current update of the software and operating system that he uses. At present, anti-viruses do not only deal with viruses themselves, but mainly with malware (malware) of which the virus is part. It is important to protect your personal files against ransomware – security holes can lead to user files being taken, and you need to pay for unlocking them. Today’s cybercriminals do not have to be professional hackers – in the dark web, and sometimes even on eBay, you can buy the right software for sending ransomware, and even get lists with millions of email addresses!

Malware is evolving very quickly, but fortunately and anti-viruses are constantly being improved. Despite the fact that they effectively block viruses that try to penetrate the system, there is no 100% effective protection kit. Zero day attacks use fresh vulnerabilities in the software, which the manufacturer has not yet released patches. The malware that uses them is so fresh that it usually does not yet have its signature in the database of the security software manufacturer. The speed of releasing patches is important to protect your computer – the best manufacturers release patches in less than an hour from finding the vulnerability. An important role is played by the cloud – a permanent connection accelerates the process of introducing new protective mechanisms and enables quick reaction to new threats. The mechanism of behavioral analysis is equally important – thanks to this the antivirus can recognize the effect of fresh viruses that may be found in newly installed software. Their operation may be different – from attempting to change registry keys to placing add-ons in browsers. Ransomware is recognized when attempting to encrypt files.

How do we test anti-viruses?

Each of the programs listed in the ranking is worth buying. The differences mainly concern additions and the spectrum of solutions. Tests include detecting viruses not only with the malware signature database, but also dealing with new threats that are not yet included in the database, and also cleaning up the damage created by a given virus – it is important that all traces of malware are removed. Our test focused on paid applications that usually offer more features than free ones, e.g. technical support or built-in VPN.

The best anti-virus for Windows

Our choice is – and we explain exactly why. The top positions on our list have also been achieved by Norton and ESET. We were helped not only by our own tests, but also by experts from AV-Test, which are a valuable source of knowledge about the effectiveness of a given software in various aspects.

Here is a list of the top ten antivirus programs in early 2019.

Check full list of the best antivirus 2019.

Bitdefender Total Security 2019

This product is perfectly known to users, this product has already received awards for its effectiveness – for example from AV-Comparatives at the end of 2017, the test of applications protecting the operating system in real time also won (second half of 2018). The Bitdefender product has many useful functions that make it ready for all threats. It scans the system and files, detects outdated software, weak network passwords, offers a double layer of protection against old and new threats. It uses an innovative behavioral detection technique to closely monitor running applications. After detecting suspicious activities, he reacts immediately, preventing infections. Multilayered ransomware protection allows you to put confidential documents under multiple layers of security, so they will be safe from malicious encryption programs that enforce a ransom for recovering personal files.

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Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe is a product that results from the company’s activities to create effective antivirus software for business. It works discreetly in the background and uses the manufacturer’s cloud resources to provide the best possible protection. In his case, the slogan “100% efficiency” is not just an advertising slogan, but simply a statement of fact. In addition, the promise of “100% Virus Protection Promise” is interesting: when subscribing, you will get access to expert services that will help protect your devices against viruses, and if they fail, you will receive a refund. In addition, the Norton Studio application is a big advantage – thanks to it, you can control all devices protected by Norton (with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS systems) from one place.

What does Norton Security Deluxe offer? Real-time protection against existing and new destructive software such as ransom and virus, browser protection, password manager and tools for checking performance and optimizing the operating system. In tests, AV-Test gained the highest marks for the lack of negative impact on the daily use of devices, effectiveness of protection and performance. The subscription includes five devices.

ESET Internet Security

ESET has a simple interface in which a rich set of useful tools is hidden. For example, Syninspector – examines the system and records details such as active processes, system registry contents, applications launched at system startup and network connections. After saving the system status, ESET SysInspector applies heuristics to assign an appropriate level of risk to each object in the log file. Anti-theft module protects against unauthorized access to the computer and data. The specially protected browser protects you when you make online transfers and use e-wallets.

The effectiveness of the technologies used in this protection program is so great that no malware should get through the ESETA firewalls. A free trial version is available on the manufacturer’s website. You can buy a subscription for a year, 2 or 3 years.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

At first glance, we see little difference between Kaspersky Security Cloud and Total Security. They have identical tools and technologies, so that both are worth considering. However, what speaks in favor of the former is the adaptive technology that matches the anti-virus settings to the user’s activity. It also allows the detection of unauthorized devices, warns of suspicious websites and allows the creation and storage of strong passwords. Kaspersky Security Cloud was not included in the AV-Test, but its equivalent – that is, Total Security – won the malware protection tests carried out in the second half of 2018. Kaspersky also gained high marks for efficiency and no negative impact on the normal operation of the system.

BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard is a manufacturer that is doing better on the security software market. The Premium Protection subscription includes 10 devices. It offers a network scanner for everyone, it is characterized by a very high level of malware detection and bugs in the installed software, which significantly increases the level of protection. Other advantages are the parental control modules (especially useful when the child has its own phone) and identity protection. In addition, the special module optimizes the operation for players as well as during everyday use of the system. As in the case of the ESET product, also here we do not have a specialized anti-ransomware module.

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AVG Ultimate 2019

AVG Ultimate 2019 is a solid product that protects the entire family. It offers a malware scanner, a built-in firewall, a module responsible for detecting ransomware, as well as many protective layers that effectively protect the operating system in every aspect. In addition, it analyzes the external memories and devices connected to the computer or laptop via USB, as well as DVDs and CDs inserted in the drive. The advantage is the TuneUp tool – it is a comprehensive set of tools will automatically speed up your computer, remove unnecessary data, optimize battery performance, update key software and deal with small defects before they turn into serious problems

Another advantage is an integrated password manager, a built-in VPN network and a tool that checks the validity of drivers. The Android app has been very well thought out. In terms of performance, the application took third place in two AV-Test tests. What does this mean in practice? It is very good, but not perfect. There really was not much to perfection, so you should consider acquiring this program.

McAfee Total Protection

Total Protection is a promising product on many fronts, and the first advantage is the ability to protect up to 10 devices as part of one subscription. Analysis of cloud-based threats provides protection against viruses, including ransomware, without slowing down your computer’s performance. Among the functions are, among others, a scanner and password manager with multicomponent authentication. The application protects e-mail, allows parental control, prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to your home network, allows you to keep important files confidential by storing them on a computer with 128-bit encryption.

Sophos Home Premium

Sophos Home Premium was in the top ten for several reasons: it uses learning SI mechanisms to recognize the latest threats, has advanced technology against ransomware attacks, specialized anti-malware module, online transaction protection and parental control module. However, there was no possibility to scan the local network or add-ons such as safe, irrevocable deletion of files.

There are two editions of Sophos; free and paid. Free does not offer all functions, it is also limited to three devices, while paid edition protects them ten. Unfortunately, Home Premium did not participate in AV-Test tests, so we can not compare it to the competition.

Avast Premier 2019

Avast Premier 2019 is a user-friendly application, however, it is characterized by a very capricious behavior, it also has an annoying habit of displaying advertisements and notifications at the least appropriate moments, which is visible especially in the mobile version. On the plus side you should count the protection of the webcam, a module specialized in protection against ransomware, firewall and quarantine, on the minus – lack of password manager or cleaning tools.

Avast performed very well in the AV-Test tests for protection against malware – 94/100 points, also took third positions in tests for the best consumer software. That is – it is strong, but it was not perfect. There is a trial version available and the option to subscribe to 1, 3, 5 or 10 devices. All options are available on the official Avast website.

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 offers protection against malware, including spyware and advertising software, as well as the ability to scan the local network and the router to find unauthorized devices and vulnerabilities. Additions include System Speedup Pro – a module that optimizes the operation of the operating system, Phantom VPN Pro and a tool for managing the Windows firewall.

Avira in the AV-Test tests for malware protection achieved a score of 94/100 points (just like Avast) and took the place of the top in tests of the best consumer protection applications. The subscription includes five devices.

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